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Pool Party Node Token Gateway between Waves and Turtle Network (click for info)

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Our Service

Waves enables anyone to create digital tokens that represent real or virtual world assets, and exchange them in the Waves DEX (Descentralised Exchange).



How Does It Work?

You lease your Waves to our address and once a week we send you your share of the profits generated by the pool (minus transaction fees) according to the amount of Waves you leased.

Earn Waves And Much More

There is no minimum amount for leasing. While leasing you still receive other airdropped tokens.

Leasing Your Waves

It's simple and safe. Open your Waves lite client, choose "Lease" tab and send to our address:


Why Our Pool

We offer leasing with only 2% fees. All popular tokens are supported.

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Waves Price (BTC)
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« A few words »

« Join for the money. Stay for the revolution. »

— Pool Party Node Team

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